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As all-round devices from Mobi-Click, the mobile GSM alarm systems in our Compact series have countless monitoring options. They are also specifically used by the police as “thieves”.

Alarmanlage Compact

Compact series

Proven alarm system

The Compact 4P+A mobile GSM alarm system is reliably used to secure all types of objects.

In long collaboration with various
Based on new findings in police work, the Compact 4P+A was adapted and optimized by state criminal offices.

About the product
Mobi Alarm Plus

Mobi Alarm PLus

Mobile GSM alarm system with emergency call function

Do you often work alone, e.g. at a gas station, a kiosk or in a small shop? Have you ever been afraid of a possible robbery?

The Mobi-Alarm Plus protects you. With the emergency call transmitter in the format of a key fob, you can send an alarm message unnoticed at any time in an emergency. After work, you can switch on the room monitoring and go home with peace of mind.

About the product

Mobi Alarm Plus

Room monitoring with precise PIR motion sensor. The mobile GSM alarm system Mobi-Alarm Plus secures rooms, entrances, windows and vehicles that can be monitored flexibly. You simply place the Mobi-Alarm Plus in the direction of the room that you want to monitor. The precise and extremely sensitive PIR motion sensor registers every movement and alerts you immediately on your mobile phone or smartphone.

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Compact series

With the very compact and mobile Compact 4 GSM alarm device, you can reliably monitor and secure vehicles, boats, rooms, machines and vending machines. As soon as the alarm device If unusual movements, shocks or noises are detected, the Compact 4 P+A alerts you to up to six telephone numbers in the form of calls and/or alarm SMS. No matter where you are — you don't waste any time and can immediately call the police before the thief notices anything.

that Compact 4 P+A has motion, shock and sound sensors, which you can freely combine and adjust their sensitivity specifically to monitoring requirements. You can also connect additional sensors via the external connection and control them remotely via the Compact 4 P+A. The Compact mobile GSM alarm systems are considered an all-round device from Mobi-Click and have countless monitoring options, which are also specifically used by the police as a “thief trap”

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Compact Alarmanlage

Unobtrusive police assistant

With its extremely compact size kAnn the Compact 4P+A Can be placed inconspicuously and sends an alarm to up to six telephone numbers if there is movement within a radius of 6 meters, changes in position or noises. In this way, it is possible, with the help of the police, to arrest the thieves while the crime is taking place.

Additional functions through accessories

Once connected to the Compact 2/Compact 4, the Commander allows you to add additional sensors to the alarm system.
You have the following sensors available:
wireless motion detector, wireless window door contact, wireless temperature and smoke sensor, wireless remote control, wireless siren.

The connection with the Commander is established via radio waves range 433 MHz. This eliminates the need for complex wire connections.

Compact alarm system accessories
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