Mobi-Alarm Plus – mobile, flexible and reliable monitoring of premises

Mobi-Alarm Plus


Mobi-Click Compact 2 - mobile Überwachung


Mobile alarm system in pocket size


Devote to burglars no time

Room monitoring with precise PIR motion sensor

By means of the mobile alarm system Mobi-Alarm Plus you protect premises, entrances, windows and vehicles, which should be monitored, flexibly. You just place Mobi-Alarm Plus in the direction of the part of premises, which you would like to monitor. Precise and extremely sensitive motion sensor registers every motion and alarms you on your mobile or Smartphone immediately.

In the case of an alarm Mobi-Alarm Plus sends an alarm as an SMS or phone call to up to three numbers. If you are not available e.g. on your fixed line, a phone call on your mobile will follow and afterwards on your duty telephone number. You can always define and change on your own numbers that should be alarmed and their order.

Make your own impression of the situation after alarm

Mobi-Alarm Plus establishes a silent connection with you during the alarm. You can hear unnoticed, what happens in the monitored premises and act if necessary, as well as get the police involved. At the same time you can avoid unnecessary false alarms this way.

If you attach importance to deterrent, Mobi-Alarm Plus has an external output, to which you can connect a siren (as accessory available), which will set off an alarm with very loud and high signal.


Maximal mobility and flexibility

Mobi-Alarm Plus isn’t bigger than mobile and can be applied in different places very flexibly. Protect your apartment, your business or even your vehicle by placing this device under the driver seat on the leg room. It doesn’t matter, if at home or on holidays you have your valuables always under control with Mobi-Alarm Plus.

Application areas

Monitor by means of Mobi-Alarm Plus as needed on changed places:

  • apartment
  • house
  • caravan, camping
  • workshop, artist’s workshop, shop
  • small and medium business
  • restaurants, coffee shops
  • vehicles
  • valuables

PIR motion sensor registers 360° in an area of 5m


Further information


Remote control inclusive

By means of remote control included in the delivery you activate Mobi-Alarm Plus during leaving of the premises alternative to activation per SMS.

Siren as an accessory

By means of this siren you deter the burglar by the high sound of alarm and draw attention of the environment to burglary.

  • Extent of delivery
    • Mobi-Alarm Plus
    • Remote control
    • Charging device
    • Instruction manual
  • Technical data
    • Weight: 83 g
    • Dimensions: 116 mm x 42 mm x 21 mm (L x W x H)
    • Standby time: up to 200 hours, up to 7 days (telephone mode), up to 6 days (monitoring mode)
    • Conversation time: up to 240 minutes
    • Battery: Li-Ion / 1000 mAh
    • Colour: blue

    RF module

    • modulation: ASK
    • frequency: 433,92 MHz
    • operating voltage: 3V
    • operating current: 0,1 mA

    Motion sensor

    • working voltage: 5V/DC
    • operating range: 50 m
  • Instruction manual

Mobi-Alarm Plus
€ 159
incl. 19% VAT.
€ 149
incl. 19% VAT.
Building monitoring
Vehicle monitoring
PIR motion sensor
Alarm to three telephone numbers
Silent call
Remote control
Remote maintenance per SMS
SOS emergency transmitter in your pocket
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