Special monitoring of vehicles, boats, premises and every kind of object

Compact 2 P+A



Protects vehicles

Protect your passenger car, truck, camping van, caravan, old-timer and every kind of vehicle. Locate your vehicles by yourself after the theft.

Protects boats / yachts

Protect your boats and yachts and preserve the outboard engine against the theft reliably.

Protects premises

Protect your house entrances, windows and rooms. In case of a burglary you will receive an immediate alarm on your smartphone or mobile phone.

Protects retail business, e.g. pharmacy

Protect yourself against burglaries and profit from our co-operation with the Police and security forces.


Compact 2P+A – for monitoring of vehicles, premises and every kind of objects


  • infrared sensor for motion monitoring
  • vibration sensor
  • noise sensor (microphone)
  • temperature sensor
  • connection for external sensors, such as e. g. door contact, smoke detector etc.

By use of the compact and mobile GSM alarm device Compact 2 you can monitor and protect your vehicles, boats, premises, machines and automatons reliably. As soon as the alarm device Compact 2P+A registers unusual motions, vibrations or noises, it will alarm you on up to six telephone numbers in form of a phone call and/or an alarm SMS. No matter where you are – you don’t loose any time and way before the thief realises anything you can notify the Police immediately.

Compact 2P+A has motion, vibration and noise sensors that you can combine freely and adapt their sensitivity to specific requirements of the monitored object. Furthermore you can connect further sensors through the external contact and control them through Compact 2P+A at a distance.


Great success by the apprehension of thieves and impostors by use of Compact 2P+A

Tried and tested device

Compact 2P+A is in use since many years. By combination of various sensors and immediate alarm through mobile communications, Compact 2P+A has proved successful as so called trap against thieves. It helps to catch thieves and impostors red-handed and to apprehend them.

Additional protection

Many detention centres and safety service provider put already trust in additional protection against burglars and thieves offered by Compact 2P+A. On written demand we can provide you with reference address.




Flexible remote monitoring also in case of weak network coverage

Due to small size Compact 2 can be applied flexibly according to requirements and it can monitor as needed vehicles, premises and objects. Alarm messages take place by mobile communications, so that Compact 2P+A can be applied without restrictions. Through external antenna this device has an optimised network reception also in case of weak network coverage.

Silent Call

In the event of an alarm the user can get an idea of the situation. There is a possibility to call Compact 2 by use of the function “silent call” and check unnoticed, whether it is about a case of emergency. This way the user can avoid acting with precipitation in case of false alarms and he/she can decide, whether taking further steps is necessary.

Location monitoring by use of the zone alarm

The user can monitor the location of tangible objects by use of Compact 2P+A. Compact 2P+A sets an alarm off per SMS and / or as a phone call, if the monitored object leaves defined mobile communication cells. Perfect for protection of land vehicles and water crafts or e.g. valuables transport.

Location of GSM cells

It is possible to check at any time, where is Compact 2P+A at the moment. If for example the vehicle monitored by use of Compact 2P+A has been stolen, the user can ascertain an approximate location on the basis of GSM cells. This way the user increases the chance to recover the monitored vehicle or object even after the theft.

Remote maintenance per SMS

It is possible to switch all sensors at a distance per SMS on and off and define their sensitivity comfortably at any time. This way the user can query also battery charge level and network reception without effort. In case of low battery charge level the user receives a message per SMS automatically.

(1) Short antenna
(2) Noise sensor
(3) PIR motion and vibration sensor


External PIR motion and vibration sensor with a cable of 2m (optional accessories)


Further scopes of application


Monitoring of machines and automatons

Monitor building vehicles, machines, automatons in many different ways. Through the external sensor input it is possible to connect potential-free (volt free) contacts of all kinds (e.g. smoke detector, fire box and fault indicator).

Monitoring of transport and freight

Protect freight transports. By use of Compact 2P+A the user is kept informed regarding the location of goods and can protect them against the theft. If a driver has been employed for transport, he can use Compact 2P+A additionally as a mobile phone with 3 telephone numbers.

For upgrading of alarm systems

Upgrade your alarm system by use of Compact 2P+A. When an alarm has been set off Compact 2 sends an SMS or informs the user via phone call immediately. In an emergency the user can act immediately and take further measures for apprehension of the burglar.

Detection of wild animals

Compact 2P+A can be used for detection of wild animals in forests and in deeryard (essential is dry environment resp. protection against humidity).


The right Compact for your requirements


Compact 2 P+A1

Compact 2P+A1 possesses all functions, is equipped with software, works even in case of weak network coverage, in delivery with a short antenna (A1).

Compact 2 P+A2

Compact 2P+A2 is identical in construction to Compact 2P+A1, it works also in case of weak network coverage, but it is in delivery a cable of 3 meters for extension of a special antenna (A2).

Compact 2

If a good network coverage during the operation is ensured, we recommend Compact 2. Except of few special options for the series P+A, this device possesses all functions.

Compact 3

Compact 3 is similar like Compact 2. It is based on a somewhat slower GSM module and possesses the same functions apart from the temperature monitoring, silent call and limitation to 3 telephone numbers.


Overview and hints


Safety-related hints

Please pay always attention to the statutory protection of the private sphere during the operation of this device.

Technical requirements

Necessary for operation is:
a) a customary active SIM cars

b) sufficient battery charge level and network reception

  • Scope of delivery


    • Mobi-Click Compact 2P+A1 or Compact 2P+A2 or Compact 2 or Compact 3
    • each time:
    • power supply unit
    • instruction manual


  • Technical data
    • Weight: 78g
    • Dimensions: 106mm x 38mm x 19mm (LxWxH)
    • Standby time: up to 200 hours
    • Monitoring mode: up to 160 hours
    • Battery: Li-Ion / 900mAh
    • GSM classes: dual band / EGSM900 DCS1800
    • Colour: Compact 2 (P+A1/2): black
    • Colour: Compact 3: silver
  • Instruction manual

Comparison of kinds of an alarm and functions in four Compact devices

Compact 2P+A1
€ 349
incl. 19% VAT.
Compact 2P+A2
€ 369
incl. 19% VAT.
Compact 2
€ 299
incl. 19% VAT.
Compact 3
€ 229
incl. 19% VAT.
Monitoring of vehicles
Monitoring of premises
Monitoring of objects
Monitoring of locations through GSM cells
GSM zones alarm
Temperature monitoring
Motion sensor
Vibration sensor
Noise sensor
An immediate alarm to three telephone numbers
An immediate alarm to six telephone number
Silent Call
Remote maintenance per SMS
Very fast GSM module
Police software
Optimised network reception
External short antenna A1
External antenna A2
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