3-button mobile phone for senior citizens, people with disabilities and children.

Care Phone


Mobi-Click Carephone - einfaches 3-Tasten-Handy


With the Care Phone needy people call by push of the button.

The Care Phone enables people with severe limitations due to age or disability to mobile o communicate with family members or carers of a button. Leave on each of the three number keys each have a phone number, which like the user directly with a simple push of a button.

Whether the user wants to reach someone in an emergency or just call – the Care Phone is easily the connection.

In developing the Care Phones we put great emphasis on simple operation, which does away with numeric keypad and menus.





With each of the three number keys, the user calls the number and presses each deposited Simply on the respective button. Whether family members, doctors or caregivers – the user reaches the most important people without detours via menus and number entries.

Call answering

For incoming calls, the Care Phone displays next to the ringtone to the user by flashing which key to press for losing weight.

Automatic answer

If the user is not able to answer calls automatically, turn on automatic answer before the handover of Care Phones. Then, the Care Phone answers incoming calls automatically and simultaneously switches to handsfree mode.

Handsfree mode by pressing a button

The built-in speakerphone mode can also be easily switched by pressing a button by the user during the conversation.

112 Emergency

By pressing the key sequence 1-1-2 the Care Phone dials the emergency number 112 So the user gets in an emergency help if in emergencies none of the three numbers is achievable.



Other applications


Mobile phones for kids

Put it worth to be able to reach their children at any time, without these being exposed to the features of smartphones and regular phones, the Care Phone also serves as a simple children mobile phone.

Company mobile phones

The Care Phone proven itself as a company mobile phone for your employees if they are not more than three numbers use at company expense and at the same time to remain reachable.



Main application areas:

  • people with age restrictions
  • people with disabilities
  • patients at risk
  • children

With each of the three number keys, the user calls the number and presses each deposited Simply on the respective button.


Notes and Overview


Notes on safety

Keep the battery regularly stand in view, so that the person using always remains accessible.

Technical requirements

For the purpose of operation you need:
a) a customary active SIM card (not included in the delivery)
b) sufficient battery capacity and network reception

The Care Phone
149 €
incl. 19% VAT.
3 one-touch keys
Automatic answer
112 emergency call function
For people with age restrictions
For people with disabilities
For patients at risk
For children
For company
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