Alarm system with GPS positioning and tracking

Car alarm system A-136


KFZ-Alarmsystem A-136 Autoalarmanlage

  • Against burglary
  • Against theft
  • Worldwide location per Smartphone
  • SMS on mobile
  • Car telephone
  • Installed quickly


Main functions

Fastest alarm system worldwide

Information per SMS / phone call

In case of a brake-in into your vehicle you will get an alarm per SMS on your mobile or Smartphone immediately. As soon as the parked vehicle will be shaken extraordinary or crushed, it will send you an SMS or it will call you immediately.

Vibration sensors

For this purpose A-136 is equipped with a GSM module and precise vibration sensors. This way no single valuable second between break-in and alarm message will be lost – wherever you might stay.

Location worldwide – always

Location data on your mobile

GPS receiver installed in A-136 makes a worldwide location of your (stolen) vehicle possible. You can make your own contribution to finding of your vehicle, by making the location data available to the Police.

Eavesdropping function

A-136 makes live eavesdropping of the passenger compartment  by means of a microphone included in the delivery possible. This way you can check, if there was a possible false alarm or the thief has disclosed important clues for his/her conviction.

Live tracing in case of theft

Progressive location determination

In case of a theft of your vehicle you can request for sending progressive location determination. As a result you will receive a real-time movement profile of the stolen vehicle.

Emergency services

Thanks to maps and route planner services like Google Maps or you can see the location on your Smartphone (or PC) on the map on the basis of received coordinates or get a web link.


Application areas

Passenger car


Antique car


Camper van



Features and further functions

GPS and GSM location

Alerting takes place per SMS or as a phone call immediately. In SMS you receive all relevant GPS information. Data regarding latitude and longitude makes an exact location of the vehicle possible. If a GPS location is impossible, A-136 switches to GSM cell location automatically and sends a radio cell code, which can be decoded with support of your mobile telephone system provider (it is supported by not all of providers).

Silent call

You can call A-136 by means of a “Silent call” when necessary and eavesdrop on the passenger compartment unnoticed through the microphone included in the delivery. Alarm can be set off not only by a burglary, but also by a vehicle crusher or towing of your vehicle. False alarms can be recognised this way. During eavesdropping please pay attention in your own interest to act within the limit of statutory regulations in order to respect the privacy.

Zones monitoring (GPS)

By means of A-136 you can programme corridors, where your vehicle can move within (e.g. a company vehicle, which can be used only to a limited extent). As soon as the vehicle will leave the corridor set before, you will be informed on the analogy of the theft per SMS with location data and as a phone call.

Alarm sound function

A-136 can be used like a normal alarm system for deterrence. In the case of burglary a high alarm sound will be set off through the loudspeaker included in the delivery for deterrence of the thief. Please remember that in this case it is about a minor function of A-136 and device (installed in a hidden place) can be found by possible thieves.

Car telephone function

As a further minor function A-136 can be used as a hands-free device for acceptance of telephone calls.

Control of operations (battery)

Control the voltage of your battery in the vehicle. In case of a voltage drop (e.g. in the winter or as a result of manipulation) you will be informed about the status per SMS. SMS will show you the exact state of charge of the battery.

Relay outputs

A-136 is equipped with two relay outputs that can be used multifunctional. Just connect e.g. an external siren as an additional alarm device or control the ignition lock switch or petrol feed. This way you protect your vehicle multi-level.

Switch inputs

Control doors, engine bonnet and car boot through switch inputs. Additionally you can establish an ultrasonic interior monitoring by means of A-136, which can be delivered as accessories.


Weitere Informationen


Sicherheitsrelevante Hinweise

Beachten Sie beim Einsatz des Gerätes bitte stets den gesetzlichen Schutz der Privatsphäre.

Technical requirements

For the purpose of operation you need:
a) a customary active SIM card (not included in the delivery)

Car alarm system A-136
€ 150
incl. 19% VAT.
GPS/GSM location
Location data query
Live tracking
Alarm message on smartphone and mobile phone
GPS zones monitoring
Control of operations
Silent call
Alarm sound function
Car phone function
Relay outputs
Switch inputs
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